DSI Mobile Enterprise Platform

Enterprise Mobility with ERP integration

DSI’s award winning Enterprise Mobility software is the leader in rapid development and deployment of mobile applications for your business with certified integration into all major ERPs.

Whether you are looking for custom apps or a ready built  supply chain app from the DSI App store , we can assist you to get the right fit for your business. 

Strategico offers on-premise, Cloud hosted or shared platform options to suit your business requirements. For more information or a demo please contact us today.

Platform Features

  • Build, personalize and deploy apps without coding or third-party developers
  • Access robust offline support
  • Create apps with flexible application packaging and app deployment options, including forms or non-forms-based
  • Preserve data and process integrity with robust back-end integrations into any existing system or software
  • Create rich, consumer-grade mobile experiences
  • Easily connect mobile apps to back-end business logic
  • Leverage third-party functionality through SOAP or RESTful Web APIs
  • Experience peace of mind with comprehensive, enterprise-grade security

Log-Hub Supply Chain Apps

Powerful supply chain optimization Apps

What it is

  • Supply Chain Apps is a smart Excel Add-in with an innovative app portfolio for Supply Chain Planning and Optimization.
  • We have embedded sophisticated technology in very easy to understand app workflows.
  • You can start immediately – no long training sessions or deep analytical background required.

What it delivers

  • Smart and easy to use apps for solving Supply Chain Planning problems.
  • Powerful Supply Chain Map with worldwide map and geo material to visualize and animate geographical data.
  • Very easy access to newest mathematical optimization and machine learning technology.

What are the benefits

  • We empower whole teams to do Supply Chain Analytics – not only a few experts.
  • Improved Supply Chain performance and cost savings by mathematical optimization and machine learning methods.
  • Start without risk – download the free version and test all functionalities for free.

Barcode out’a Box (BoB)

Enterprise grade barcode labeling and inventory management at budget prices

Barcode out’a Box (BoB) is a robust enterprise grade barcoding and inventory management system developed by Strategico for quick deployment.

BoB was designed and developed with the aim to be able to ship a barcode printer and scanner to a customer and allow them to start printing labels straight out of the box.

With it’s basic feature set allowing you to control inventory coming into, moving around and going out of your warehouse or storeroom, BoB is perfect for customers who just want to have visibility over their stock. 

Because there are no frills or elaborate features, BoB is very competitively priced and extremely robust, while web based reports gives you live visibility over your stock trends, value and movements.

System Components

BoB is a cloud based barcoding and inventory control system that is used to print barcode labels and scan stock movement in and out of the warehouse.

The base system license has the following components:

  • Printer Management (Unlimited printers)
  • Item Labeling
  • Location Labeling
  • Inventory Receipt
  • Inventory Transfer
  • Inventory Count (Stock Take)
  • Inventory Issue
  • Order verification
  • Live Inventory Reports
  • Multiple Users
  • Management
  • Multiple Branch Management

The system is can be implemented as cloud hosted or on-premise solution depending on the client requirements

Contact us today for a demo or if you require more information.

BoB Print


Easy to used predefined industry standard labels


Design your own labels and map it to your automation software

A single print server covers all your business locations

Print to any Intermec or Zebra label printer As part of the Strategico Barcode out’a Box solution BoBPrint is designed to be simple and stable. No flashy features that add to the cost and complexity. BobPrint was designed to print barcode labels and that’s exactly what it does. Fast and reliable print automation and easy to use printer management interface ensures you get your labels where you want it when you want it.

BoBPrint runs silently on any server and prints your required labels to any Zebra or Intermec barcode label printer on your network. Easily manage your printers via a web interface