Cloud-based services
Rapid deployment with our SaaS hosted solution or you can choose to have a on-premises or isolated hosted implementation
Responsive Mobile Designs
BoB WMS can be accessed via any platform including native iOS and Android Apps
Standard or custom processes
BoB WMS comes with standard WMS processes that can also be adapted to suit your business needs
We have standard integration plugins for Sage 200 Evolution, Sage Intacct, Sage One and WooCommerce. New connectors are being developed all the time. We have extensive experience in creating a custom connector for your system.

About BoB WMS


BoB WMS is an easy to use and affordable to run warehouse management system for any type of warehouse. From basic warehousing to the most complex processes can be catered for.

The system is designed to guide users through basic warehouse tasks and to automate data capturing through barcode scanning. It's a perfect way of improving efficiencies by reducing paperwork and eliminating mistakes ensuring you have accurate real-time visibility over all your stock or other assets.

Even if you don't have experience implementing warehouse management processes, BoB will guide you and your staff with a best-in-class solution using the latest technology and keeping your processes simple, yet effective.

The BoB WMS platform can be hosted on an isolated cloud platform or you can choose to host it in your data center. You can also choose to go with SaaS pricing or with outright purchase of licenses.

Bob WMS is quick and affordable to roll-out with very little custom set-up required. You can literally start scanning straight out of the box or you can choose to customize any process to suit your business needs.

System Features

Item Labeling and license plating
Print barcoded labels for items using the item number or a unique tracking or license plate number.
Location Labeling
Manage your warehouse locations through the administration console and print your own location labels.
Printer Management
Manage multiple label printers from a central administration console. Assign default printers to stations or users and manage print queues through the console.
Inventory Receipt
Receive inventory straight into warehouse stock or via verification scanning against POs.
Suggested Put-Away
Create Put-Away rules that supports your business rules. Use item classification, stacking characteristics, picking priority or any custom rules that you need.
Inventory Transfer
Keep your warehouse in order by ensuring stock is always in the right place based on your stocking rules. Transfer individual items, pallets or bulk areas in one go.
Stock and Cycle Counting
Ensure you stock is always accurate with wall to wall counts and automated Cycle Counting schedules.
Inventory Issue
Issue stock directly from warehouse locations to final customers or to manufacturing as intermediate/WIP items.
Automated pick face replenishment
Get automated notifications when pick face stock is running low based on pick slip generation or periodic system checks.
Guided Picking
No more looking for stock. Create pick slips based on your picking rules and watch the users being guided directly to the correct location for picking.
Pick, Pack and Ship Verification
The BoB Logic ensures users are always guided and checked through the picking, packing and shipping process. This way you know the right items are going to the right customers.
Task amanegemnt
Create and assign tasks to users or build your own workflow to automate task creation and assignment. Allow supervisors to reassign or change tasks and get productivity reports based on task response and completion times.
Live Inventory Reports
No more guessing what the fast movers are or which items are tying up valuable capital. Our reports make it easy to identify and manage your stock.
Intelligent Stock Classification
Our system uses AI and machine learning to continuously classify your items making it easier to make crucial stock-keeping decisions.
Multiple user management
Users can be classified and provided access to the processes that they need to tend to.
Multiple branch management
Manage multiple branches or warehouses from a single platform. Access the administration portal form anywhere.

Stand-alone or integrate


BoB can be implemented as a stand-alone solution or integrated to your ERP / Financial system.

We have certified integration into SAGE 200 Evolution and Sage One Accounting but we can also integrate with almost any other financial system.

If you are looking for a way to optimize you inventory control while automating the financial implications of buying, selling or managing any inventory transaction, BoB is the perfect partner for your business.

We have extensive experience with integrating inventory control or warehouse management systems to ERP's of any size.

Add-on modules

Manufacturing Management

BoB comes with a robust manufacturing management add-on that allows the tracking of inventory and raw materials through the manufacturing process. Set up BOMs to allow automated raw material consumption through one scan recording of manufactured goods. Keep track of WIP and record stock against manufacturing work orders.

Optimized Distribution

With the Distribution Optimization add-on, BoB can help you to optimize your daily distribution routes for pick-ups and deliveries. Convert all you orders to Transport Orders and get an optimized distribution plan returned within seconds to ensure you are not wasting valuable money and time on your daily routes. All this in one single platform with a simple click of a button.

Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)

All orders shipped out of your warehouse with BoB can be completed through the electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) app. Drivers can use their own devices if required so you could even allow your outsourced delivery service provider to scan deliveries and capture the customer's signature for you.

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